01.11.12 - Testimony to the Assembly Committee addressing AB 426

Voices for the Penokee Hills, the water, voices for justice and fair play, voices speaking from the heart, we strong, powerful, clear, and resounding as we gathered in Hurley to address the Mary Williams and her Jobs Committee. Humor, dismay, outrage, laughter, technical information, and a good dose of  common sense captured the overwhelming message: No Mine - Our gifts are too valuable to squander away for a few bucks. 

Please Email your testimony to savethewatersedge@gmail.com or mail a copy to 619 17th Ave. West, Ashland, WI 54806 and it will be archived on savethwatersedge.com

Retired DNR Water Quality Specialist Speaks Out - Duane Lahti~PAGEID~1A145C6394C64DA68FA1

Committee title should be "Profits Committee" by Eric Mathew

Mining Bill is a Disgace and an Insult  by Sheila Mitchell

GTac and the Spoiled Brat Theory by Joe Hovel

The Flambeau Mine Disaster is comin' your way by Laura Gauger