03.07.14 Press Notice SUBJECT: Penokee Gold Maple Syrup another Mining Project LLC formed. 

(SWE Request: Please forward this aticle to Senator Bobby “Science Guy" Cowles, Senator Luther “somebody tell me what to do” Oslen, Senator Tom “Taconite” Tiffany, Senato r Berta “Heigh Ho We took the dough gang” Darling, and Senator Mikey “tuff guy” Ellis. These folks support mining, are desciples of the Voss/Fitzgerald/Grothman “stink tank”, and any other activities hatched out in Wisconsin's New Club House for scalawags, nincompoops, fools, and other misfits who found a home in Wisconsin’s Republican Senate. Good investments for the Koch Brothers. Mama Koch’s little boys want Wisconsinites to know they are in charge and manage Wissonsin's new supermarket - The State Capitol.)


Today holders of the Penokee Gold maple syrup label announced that they have formed themselves into a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) and will from now on be referring to themselves as a "Mining Company." Since we discovered how easy it is to self-describe a small group of people operating as an "alleged mining company" in Iron County in order to hoodwink its elected officials, we decided we would like the same consideration that all other alleged mining companies get.

From now on, we want police protection and escorts for those volunteers and workers involved in the Bulk Sampling of Iron County Sugar Maple Trees. 

In addition we intend to drill core samplings of a couple hundred trees within Iron County with the intention of monitoring the sap flow into a bucket and would like a special law that keeps members of the Iron County Forestry Dept. from observing our activities by keeping them back 600 feet from any activities on forest roads and lands usually open to taxpayers and the public. (Counting on you Senator GTac Tiffany to come thru on this important piece of legislation that will guarantee the safety of those drilling trees)

Taking a cue from Gtac's Tim Meyers (the other alleged mining company) we take the stand that the DNR, and County Supervisors have no right to ask us any questions of relevance what-so-ever, without a wink or two at least.