05.31.14  2014 Water Walk    PENOKEES TO BAD RIVER -  Contacts and Info……….


Water Walk 2014


When: Saturday, May 31st

Where: From the end of Moore Park Road at Tyler Forks to the Pow wow grounds in Odanah

Start Time: 5:30am

Route of Walk—Start at Moore Park Road at Tyler Forks, Hwy-77 west to Hwy-13, Hwy-13 north to Hwy-2 east, East to Bad River Pow-wow Grounds Route Mileage—43 miles

Feast at the Bad River Community Center at the end of the walk.

For out-of-towners, there should be camping available across the road from the HELP camp on Moore Park Road.  Feel free to call me if you need more information about accommodations.

If you want to reach me (Phoebe/Philomena Kebec) quickly, please call me at 715-292-7236.  I check this email address about twice a month.