12.14.14 Christmas Benefit for Menominee and Lakato Communities in Madison, WI

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Mending the Hoop and The Communication Tree

Winter Donation Drive

We will be at the Wil - Mar Center Dec 14th 12:00 - 4:00. 

Richie Plass Master of Ceremonies, Gary "D" Rap Artist, Weeya Wakee Smith Cherokee Story Teller, Folk Artist Skip Jones will perform and speak about the water in WI, Julian Perez will speak about agriculture industry and Native ways, Irish Songs by Andreas Trasano and other TBA announced artist for entertainment and speakers. No admission fee.

We are collecting winter items and presents for reservations. Destinations are Menominee reservation in WI. and the Lakota, Pine Ridge reservation in SD. 

Diana Miller will be coordinating the donation distributions.

Gary "D" Dodge family will be collecting presents and coats for the Menominee Reservation's Shelters.

Richie Plass will be collecting winter items and presents for Pine Ridge SD. He will also deliver the items.

Items needed, coats, hats, gloves, blankets, scarfs, boots, space heaters, Christmas presents. We will be collecting items before and after this event too. 

We will also be having a silent auction. If you have an item to donate, you may contact me.

We are not charging an admission fee for this event, people may donate as they wish, Items or money.

If any entertainers would like to join in, feel free to give a call. The schedule has not been completed yet. 

Sherri Jones 608 609-4859