A thought for December..

Here’s a thought for December:

It is cold now, and snow covers us in the north. The Great River turns to ice; wildlife has left or found shelter. We two-leggeds bundle up to move around in the valley of the Great River.

Solstice draws near:

It’s traditional to light candles and fires at Solstice. This year, let us ‘gather at the river’ to honor the largest river in North America; it’s an auspicious time to rekindle our true passion for this awesome phenomenon and all that it contains and affects; to renew intentions to understand it’s complexity and take real steps to heal it and be vigilant against any further harm to it. We’ll be doing this in Maiden Rock and Stockholm WI and hopefully people from every town and village along the Mississippi, from Minnesota to Louisiana, will go to the River’s edge to light candles and sing Songs of Love to this ancient portion of the Universe!

7:00 Thursday Dec. 22, River’s edge, anywhere.

Comments and suggestions welcome….

Karen and Terry Kormann

Stockholm/St Paul


P. S.:    Maiden Rock, Stockholm, and Pepin and those close by have been offered the use of the Widespot in Stockholm for cookies, cider, and singing when they are too cold to stomp their feet in the Mississippi Mud any more….bring cookies, hot cider will be provided.