A Walk To Remember Year 2000..

Photos taken by and submitted by Amoose (RIP a friend and mentor)          Photos Submitted by Elizabeth Post

The Walk to Remember began in the summer of 2000. The Walk to Remember will be revisited during the summer of 2020. Walk to Remember II will most likely become a motorized adventure. WTR I included horses, bikes, runners, walkers, canoes, and participants joined for day, week month or maybe an evening. Ceremony was held every morning followed by taking down tents, reorganizng motorhomes, and sometimes packing after a cabin, casino, or motel that were generously offered the weary wanderers. Feasts were held both large and small. At times the walk moved along rapidly with much appreciated runners, other times the walk slowed to a crawl as we visited communities, pow-wows and picnics and campgrounds. Together all who joined whether it was for a step two or any miles followed the Protect the Earth staff, carried by hundreds at various time and gave us the strength and the spirit to complete the journey. We carried the message provide by one who had walked on before this journey started, and left us with a Declaration for the Great Lakes, a message that is timeless. Inspiration for WTR had its roots 1996 Bad River Train Blockade. The Common Property Amendment (AKA the Seventh Generation Amendment) and the Zero Discharge were part of the discussions as humor, challenges, compassion as stories were shared on the journey. Next year is the 20th anniversary on the Walk to Remember. Not certain how many will remember the crew who walked through their immunities and joined in festivities and ceremonies however, for those of us who can sneak away for a couple fo days will travel along with us in spirit.

Please send along your photos, stories. messages or highlights of the WTR I and they will be added to this web message at sanvethewatersedge@gmail.com