Al Gedicks: The Fight To Protect "Wisconsin's Everglades" 

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Bill Sweeney April 17th, 2013:  What a great article about a critically important issue. Let’s hope that the wider media takes advantage of Professor Gedicks’ research and analysis and makes it known to a wider audience.

Frank Koehn April 22nd, 2013: One more time, Al Gedicks - (Professor Emeritus UW La Crosse) shares the story of Wisconsin' Everglades of the North", the Bad River Watershed and the homeland of the Bad River Band of Lake Superior and the struggle to protect the Wisconsin's water and Lake Superior. Governor Walker, Mary Williams, Tom Tiffany, Jeff Stone, and Gogebic Taconite owned by Chris Cline and his operatives in Wisconsin have joined forces to change our laws and sell our pristine wilderness  in exchange for the world's largest iron ore mine.

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