Rep. Katrina Shankland: .."they must realize they don't have the public support" 07.10.13

Rep. Katrina Shankland

If Gogebic Taconite thinks they need paramilitaries to guard the mining site, they must realize they don't have the public support needed for the mine in the first place. It is very sickening to see such complete disregard for the law in Gogebic Taconite's decision to hire a security company from Arizona that is unregistered and operating illegally in our state. 

The open pit mine in northern Wisconsin is a sensitive issue -- it is affronting to bring unregistered guards with tactical gear and semi-automatic weapons to the table when the tribes and people of the northwoods weren't even given a seat.

If GTAC can't even comply with Wisconsin law and instead must resort to hiring unregistered paramilitary-style guards, can we expect them to comply with our laws to uphold the public trust and protect our shared natural resources?

I think we already know the answer.