Steineke Mouths off - supports Bang Bang & Tiffany dismisses Genocide 03.11.13

Rep. Jim Steineke Appalled by Rep. Shankland’s Genocide Comparison

Assistant Majority Leader Jim Steineke (Kaukauna) released the following statement in response to Rep. Katrina Shankland’s (Stevens Point) accusation that the mining reform bill will contribute to genocide:

“I am appalled at Rep. Shankland’s accusation on the Assembly floor (last week) that a bill creating hundreds of good paying jobs to an economically-depressed area equates to genocide. This is outrageous when you consider the recent history of genocide in Rwanda where it is estimated that 800,000 people were murdered. There is the ability to have a reasoned debate on this issue. Unfortunately, Rep. Shankland’s insensitivity to true victims of genocide throughout history is a poor example.”

Rep. Katrina Shankland’s statement:

“They [Bad River Tribe] said that supporting this bill would be equivalent to genocide. I am saying that today because they said it and you should listen to them. Polluting an entire watershed for profit is contributing to genocide.”

SWE responds to Steineke

Jim Steineke is appalled at Representative Katrina Shankland’s comments, but who really cares about his worldview.  He is the assistant majority leader who has chosen to follow the Tom Tiffany party’s march to desecrate the greatest gift we have – fresh water. Jimmy’s comments are simply outrageous and anyone who joins his attack on Representative Shankland is no better than Tiffany. Apparently Jim knows little about the geology and geography of the Bad River Watershed, and he wants to mouth off. He doesn’t know his history and his comments highlight his ignorance.

Steineke is just proving to be a good choice for the assistant mouth for the Assembly Republicans.  Steineke must also support sand frac mining because this is a source of cheap natural gas for his household. He must also believe this to be the only way to maintain our standard of living.  Did I hear Jim say this? No, but his mentor and current leader of the Republican (or Tiffany Party}, Tom himself, proclaims this as he runs about with his precious “pints and politics” bar room gatherings.

Jim is out of line and misinformed. No better than the politicians who turned a blind eye as Chief Joseph was chased from his homeland, no better than the politicians who allowed Custer to raid the Black Hills, and certainly no different that the proponents of “manifest destiny” who supported the land grabbers and robber barons in years past.

Genocide is genocide and this charge has come from Ojibwe people throughout Ceded Territory. Steineke’s support for this legislation may be seen as an act of Genocide. He obliviously has no understanding of subsistence economy. If he did he would realize  polluting an entire watershed for profit is contributing to genocide.  Additionally, his support for the behavior of Mary Williams and two-minute drills, which were thought to be public hearings, is atrocious. Would he support the Williams/ Tiffany Duet if they came to Kaukauna, held a hearing to mine the limestone at High Cliff State Park? What if  hearing was held adjoining county  that would not be accountable for the  mine waste or the degradation of wetlands? If Tiffany and Walker told you this would create jobs would you ignore the Effigy Mounds?  My guess you would follow the pack as you do now.

Thankfully we have Rep. Katrina Shankland’s caring, conscientious voice in the legislature promoting justice and respect. This honors for my ancestors who resided in Stevens Point . As for my ancestors from the Little Chute/Sherwood area, I deeply apologize for your comments, attitude, and the disrespect you have shown for them.