Bob Jauch responds to Tom Tiffany's (another) dumb idea 09.13.13

FaceBook Post from Bob Jauch  Response to GTac's Senator Tommy Tiffany 

Bob Jauch

Despite the efforts of the mining company and Senator Tiffany the Senate will NOT take up SB 278 next Tuesday. . The decision is clearly a response to public concerns that the private legislation attacks the integrity of the MFL program is discriminatory against 33,000 MFL owners and grossly unfair to local taxpayers.
In a letter to my colleagues I informed them that the company has underestimated the fiscal impact to local taxpayers by almost $400,000. The DNR has informed my office that taxpayers will be shortchanged by about $891,000 instead of $500,000 claimed by the company if current law would apply. 
Recent stories that lawmakers were misled by the Administration and United Sportsmen should encourage my colleagues to slow down SB 278 which is also designed to help one company at the expense of state and local taxpayers. I hope the lawmakers will learn from the United Sportsmen debacle and act cautiously to avoid the same embarrassment on this bill.