Campaign reform is needed protect Nature's Natural Systems.,

It is horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment.  ~Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams statement certainly applies to Wisconsin these days – It is horrifying that we must fight our own government to protect the places and spaces where we live. From Washington to Eisenhower we have been warned that our political system is in peril. Major media outlets are bought and paid for by the free flowing money from the wealthy. Political parties are incapable of providing food shelter, clothing, and health care to the very people who truly need assistance.

Traveling around, even our Northwoods, food shelves, soup kitchens, and shelters are commonplace. Some of us remember the poor farms that disappeared in the 1960’s. Will these once again be needed?

Communities are as polarized as the states and nation. Politicians are mistrusted. And they never have enough money to fund their job quests. From the state house to the white house political power is up for grabs and for sale.

So this is news, WE think not. It is the system they have inherited and the system we have allowed to exist. If it works for most of the people, it is accepted and tolerated. The limits of what we will tolerate will are being tested - and as campaign expenditures become more and more egregious and politicians strive to serve the money lenders more and more people will begin to speak out, get angry, and seek alternatives – this has spawned the Tea Party, Occupy Movement, Right to Life, religious zealots, militia movements, and on goes the list. So far this system has worked well for those who fund it. $50,000,000 here and $10.000,000 there, political pacs are everywhere. Campaign laws are written and rewritten under the pretense these laws will give “all of us folks” a fair and impartial stable of lawmakers.

 Campaign reform is not based on common sense and designed to be transparent – No sire, no way and no how. As WE are quick to criticize, WE need to provide a better way and remedy to the funding of those who actually think they can represent our best interests and not their best interests.

#1. All the campaign finance reform crap that has been passed needs to be rescinded, thrown in the dustbin, abolished or just ignored as none of these efforts are serving the need for clean water and fresh air. Keep the judges and the courts out of the mix as they are not able make them better – throw it all out and replace the legislation with this:

#2. Anyone, any corporation, foreign government, any person rich or poor can give as much money as they want to any political candidate as they desire – millions and trillions if they so desire. No more opportunities for candidates to accept money, even from their own bank accounts or family members without full disclosure.

#3. In exchange for the ability to grab the bucks they must publish the names of every contributor, the amount they gave, their home state or nation. The donations must be published as they are received on a daily basis. This includes the political fund raising dinners, breakfasts, lunches, free movie passes, haircuts, and transportation. (And everything else!)

#4. Every campaign expense, including salaries, stipends, advertising, travel, lodging, meals must also be published.

These four simple rules may well have a profound impact on our elections and the operation of our government. Four rules and only one penalty – Break one and you are out the door, so long, good by, hit the road for life.

Imagine the impact of knowing who will get the preferential treatment, those who send in $5.00 or those who contribute $25,000.00.

These changes will help all of us to address the statement from Ansel Adams and help protect our resources for those who follow.  This will be a legacy worth passing on to our children’s children!