Comment and Analysis - Hurley Hearing 10/27/2011

These articles were used as sources for the commentary that follows;

Rep. Janet Bewley refers to tomorrow’s (Thursday, October 27) hearing in Hurley as..” a ghost hearing” and “crazy making”. Accusations, which Jobs Committee chairwoman Mary Williams dismisses. We, at, contend Mary wants to join the Walker administration’s attempt to degrade, remove, and eliminate legislation that protects our clean water. She expects us to believe her only interest is to listen to constituents about mining regulations. Either Mary is misguided or simply unaware of what is a stake. She apparently wants to become a “player” who will use her office to support the efforts of GTac, Walker, and the high rollers who want minerals extracted, at any cost to the environment.

Sen. Bob Jauch describes Governor Scott Walker’s effort to force new mining regulations through the bogus committees being sent North as  …“nothing more than creating a firestorm of heated rhetoric between two different sides.”

Bill Williams, GTac’s mouthpiece in the Northwoods now has the Mayor of Superior, UWS, UMD, and the railroads in a discussion of transportation issues. These discussions are based Williams on oblique references to the transportation infrastructure that will be needed his move products from the Penokees.  He has much to say about every aspect of his project, except for how he will protect the water. Matt Fifield, Project Director, and Bill Williams are the source of “crazy making” and “creating the firestorm”. It hard to believe this is not a part of the plan to dismantle the laws that are protecting our water resources from their boss, Chris Cline. These laws and regulations are not anti mining laws, they are proactive legislation that provides for public input, time to gather the science, review the data, before we charge ahead with a stick of dynamite in one hand and a pick axe in the other. They were designed to keep greed under control and provide an outstanding conservation ethic for Wisconsin citizens and our kids. 

Walker’s initiatives have produced a dysfunctional state government and a divided and rancorous statehouse. The chaos has worked well for GTac and Walker as he attempts to sell off Wisconsin’s resources.

Unfortunately the damage is done – Walker and the rest of the statehouse elected officials have proven we need and deserve better government.  GTac’s operatives have done a good job and as the “firestorm” is upon us – The resource wars are here and is the case with all wars, the first casualty is truth.