Conceptual Iron/Taconite Mining Development Areas

These maps show the areas that are open for taconite mining. At this point WE are aware that the current permit applications are just the beginning what will become a very large, 22 mile long mining district. 
The impact will change the Penokee Hills forever and potentially destroy the watershed. To date GTac has either refused to explain how they will protect the water or GTAc has not developed a plan. The plan to protect the water should be the first requirement befoe any permits are granted. Unfortunately the Wisconsin Legislature has opted to ignore the water and allow a permitting system that kicks the door open for the mining interests. The legislature still has time to protect the watershed! The Iron County Board has time to recognize that water is always more precious that iron ore!! The Ashland County County Board has time to make a statement that before they support the mine a plan must be presented that will protect the water.! And let's not forget the town governments!. Town governments should be demanding GTac's to explain how they will protect the water. Protecting the water should be a number one priority. To do less is simply irresponsible!