Core Sample Drilling Coordinates

Hopefully the following information will be helpful. These are sites that will be drilled for core samples. GTac may request more sites in the very near future. Each drill site is identified with the number supplied by GTac, in ( ) and the section number, township, and legal description. This should match up with the plat book maps. These coordinates are the drill sites in Anderson Township in Iron County. These sites are all located south of Highway 77.

(P2 )T44N R2W S1 – NW Q of  SW Q

(P9)T44N R2W S1 – SE Q of NE Q

(P18) T45 R1W S32 – SW Q of SW Q

(P17)T44N R1W S5 – NE Q o f NE Q

(P22) T45N R1W S32 – NE Q of SE Q

(P24) T45N R1W S33 - NW Q of SW Q

(P148R) T45N R1W S33 – NE Q of SW Q

(P26) T45N R1W S33 – SW Q of NE Q