Dakota Nation Unity Riders Summer 2013

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The Dakota Nation Unity Riders are coming from their homes in Manitoba, Canada, and reaching out across the United States to bring healing and hope to our country and the world. The horses, which have been to many sacred sites with their riders, are the instruments of this healing journey. The restorative energy of these horses and riders will be felt this summer as their journey brings them into New York and, ultimately, Washington, DC. Truly the Creator will be in the wind and upon the water and land, as these Spiritual Warriors take to the Cause of Unity among all peoples, and deliver their healing message for all living relatives on Planet Earth.

The combined energy of the Two Row Renewal event, involving more than 200 canoes and kayaks led by Hickory Edwards of the Onondaga Nation, and the Unity Ride horses led by Chief Gus High Eagle of the western Dakota Nation will continue this epic journey to the heart of NewYork City. A great alliance and spirit of cooperation will be seen with the coming of these peaceful and giving people as we are transported back in time to a place where Europeans and Indigenous peoples shared this valley in peace.

The summer of 2013—the Summer of Unity
Renewing the Torch of Peace