Email arrived with 03/30/2012 Press Release

Bob does not once mention water or the Penokees in this recent Email. He does use "I" thirteen times. Seems the water, resource protection, the Penokee Hills. the rice beds,  and all living beings who depend on this "Everglades of the North" are second fiddle to the issue. Bob, this is not about you. Your efforts certainly are not viewed as responsible and scampering about meeting Governor Walker and choosing the spokesperson for the Wisconsin Mining Associations, Exceutive Director to lead the discussion of developing a "responsible mining" alternative is misquided. You tells us you have not spent the past year trying to kill the mining bill. You should have! Your passion to be fair to any mining company is simply outrageous. If fact, this statement matches the Wisconsin is Open for Business" attitude of your buddy, Scott Walker, who really wants to abolish the current protections that were put in place 35 years ago.  As far as the transparent process, you need to come clean. Cut to the chase and specifically tell us which laws you believe are outdated and how these laws need to changed or rescinded. You disturbed are disturbed by the process last year - many of us are disturbed by the promises made by the mining company last January and the, to say the misleading comments made by company officials a year later. Apparently you missed these or have you just dismissed these comments as business as usual. Do you consider this responsible dialogue? One can surmise you do as you have anointed WMA spokesperson as a thoughtful who can lead the way to compromise you seek. Is this the best way you can find to serve the public well?