EMS Training Meeting Monday August 1, 2016

 If unable to attend on Monday and want to be fit tested - Let Guy know (via email). 

 Our training meeting will include:

(A) Mandatory Respirator Training:

Watching the video and reviewing the forms will make for a shorter meeting and reading over the FAQs may answer many questions.  This should move along quickly as Guy and Marcia will facilitate the fit testing.

Respirator Fit Test Training Everyone is required complete the fit test unless this was required for employment, or an individual opts out. In any case a written note explaining why for the file. The video pretty much explains the procedure. Certificates will be presented to those who complete the fit test. 

Initial Medical Evaluation: This information is required to be on file. The forms will be available at the meeting and we will discuss how these forms should be returned to provide confidentiality.

Annual Medical Assessment: This form will be the required yearly update.

Frequently Asked Questions

(B) Direct draw Epi Training:   a review of the use of Epi and the protocols for filling syringes, proper injection, and disposal of the needle. Tam will facilitate.

(C) Who will need CPR Recerts this year?

October Training - End tidal CO2 Demonstration. Extra Credit Reading:  End Ttidal CO2 Monitoring