Exhibit 3   ...public land will be "privatized" by moron legislators on the take from GTAC. 09.01.13

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Hi Frank, this latest move by the Walker administration and his minions: legislative leaders (Scott Fitzgerald [the state senate] and Robin Voss [the state assembly]) is disgusting.  So now,  a gringo like me cannot go onto public land because I am trespassing because what is public land will be "privatized" by moron legislators on the take from GTAC.  My limited understanding is that the Penokee Range is part of the  ceded territory where members of the the Bad River band have rights a gringo like me does not.  Are the Bulletproof goons now entitled to mow down any human being they wish with the AR 15's with banana clips?  How will the goons know whether a person is a Native American or a gringo like me of German-Welsh descent?  So much intermarriage between whites and Native Americans have occurred over successive generations, how will the goons know? Will the Ojibwa be required to a badge to exercise their legal treaty rights?  I have no legal standing, but the Bad River band does. Please plead with tribal chair Mike Wiggins to testify at the hearing to be held Wednesday Sept. 4 11:00 am 300 Southeast re: Senate Bill 278.