FIA Request to Iron County Clerk 11.07.14 to present

(1). 11.07.14


 I would like to review all the correspondence between and amongst your county board chair, county board members, you as clerk, the District Attorney’s office and GTac, Foresight Energy, Bill Williams, Tim Myers, Bob Seitz or any attorneys that my be working for or affiliated with the operations run by Chris Cline or his subsidiaries. Also this request includes members of the Iron County Mining committee and Leslie Kolsar and of course the governors office and Senators Tom Tiffany and Jamey Francis and Dane Deutsch and your zoning and forestry departments.. 

Please let me know the procedure in Iron County for FOIA requests and when it is a good time to come and review these documents. If you prefer to send them by Email let me know the costs involved if any.


Response 11.07.14 Frank, I don’t have any correspondence with G-Tac, I’ve spoken to Wiliiams, Myers and Seitz but that is it.  Michael

 Sounds as if I need to FOIA each county board supervisor and department head individually. If this is correct let me know. 


(2) 11.10.14

Frank, we’re having a board meeting tomorrow night. I will forward your request to each member and forward your e-mail to our dept. heads.  Michael