Folk Update # One 01.04.14

January 4, 2014   

FOLK plans to periodically send out emails to update our progress in carrying out the mining education and empowerment campaign/assessment and to announce new postings to the mining education website.

The email list we will use is made  up of supporters and others who have expressed an interest in receiving information about our activities.  Please tell us if you would prefer not to receive the updates and we will remove your name from the list.  Note that out of respect for the privacy of the persons on the list, we will keep their identity confidential.

Update No. 1—January 3, 2013

I. New Postings to Website Homepage.  Click Here:(                                                                                               

A.  We have provided information about Highland Copper (formerly Highland Resources) and its wholly owned U.S. subsidiary, Keweenaw Copper.  It includes:

1.      The schedule of public briefings it has planned to inform citizens about its activities.

2.  A fact sheet about the mining project Highland Copper is carrying out in the Keweenaw:  It includes among other matters:

·         Its agreement with BRP LLB, a joint venture of International Paper and Natural Resources Partners to secure mineral rights for the project.

·         Excerpts from the Behr Dolbear technical report which is guiding its efforts.

·         The status of its exploratory drilling; and other matters.  

·         Maps showing (a) the  location of its mining exploration on the Keweenaw Peninsula and  (b) the mineral rights it has acquired from the White Pine Mine up the Keweenaw Peninsula, and their mineral content. Click below to view  maps:

              Map showing all Highland Mining prospects
              Map of Showing Keweenaw Exploration 

3.      Highland Copper’s press release announcing its acquisition of the White Pine Mine.

B.  We have linked our website to a video we uploaded on youtubeof Tom Power’s presentation at Michigan Tech on November 5 as part of the Green Lecture series.

C.  We have provided information about GTac's plans for a taconite mine in the Penokees.

II.  Lake Superior Binational Forum Responsible Mining Recommendations

The Lake Superior Binational forum has drafted a statement on responsible mining in the Lake Superior Basin.  The statement can be viewed here:

Dr. Nancy Langston, a U.S. member of the forum and a member of the MTU Social Sciences faculty, explains the Binational Forum recommendations in a webinar that can be found here:  

If you wish to leave a comment about any of the above items, visit the Forum on the homepage.  You may also make a donation to support the campaign on the homepage.  
Have a wonderful New Year. 
Best Wishes,

Linda Rulison, Presdient                                           

Scott Rutherford, Chair, Mining Education and Empowerment Campaign