A new taconite mine in the Penokee Range of Wisconsin is being discussed and may eventually be proposed. The Board of Commissioners of the Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission has indicated an interest in developing scoping level information about how taconite mining is conducted in Michigan and Minnesota, where active taconite mines are located. This document's intent is twofold: first, to inform readers about the process and some of the impacts associated with taconite mining; second, to provide initial analysis based on the very imited information that has been provided by the Penokee project proponent. Topics include: removal of ore, ore processing, generation and storage of tailings, removal and storage of non-target waste rock, development of mine-related infrastructure, 

and reclamation.   Understanding more about the taconite mining process, its consequences in neighboring states and potential considerations in Wisconsin can support a more informed discussion about a mine in the Penokee Range.