Governor Candidates line up!

Let the rumors begin - Direct from the backrooms of Madison - The good the Bad and The ugly  or pick your poison. The Madison "Higher Ups" and the my friends from low places have the following hot tips on the name of Governor wannabes... These are the democrats... The republicans are anxiously awaiting the results of the upcoming recall. The news seeping out from underneath the closed republican doors is that Dale Shultz is hoepful Walker goes down and that he will be drafted to run as a " sensible republican". And of course the Fitzgerald's are licking their chops over more than cream puffs this time. And to add more to the rumour  mill reports that Tim Sullivan is waiting for the call to run for governor or more possibly the senate. Seems that Sullivan is Walker's choice and Sullivan is keeping a low profile unitl after the recall. Sullivan is no dumb head. If Walker loses he will distance himself and if Walker wins he will treat Walker as his hero. More will follow on the rebublican side after the recall.. Keep in mind the sources for this emanate from Madison. Just in care, SWE has sent the following questionnaire to each candidate.