Scott Walker and mining money in the Statehouse 12/21/10 (KUWS News) 12/21/2010

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The mining company which recently acquired the rights to mine the Penokee Iron Range donated money to the campaign of Governor-elect Scott Walker. Mike Simonson has KUWS News briefs.

The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign says records show that Christopher Cline and John Dickinson, both of the Cline Resource and Development Company, donated a total of $10,000 to Walker’s campaign.

Gogebic Taconite is operated by Cline Company and took out leases for 22 miles of land in Ashland and Iron County.

Cline executives and their wives also donated $3500 to Republican Shirl LaBarre, who lost her election bid to Democrat Janet Bewley in November. The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign says another $3500 went to LaBarre’s campaign from subsidiaries of Cline.

The Cline Group’s Dickinson met with State Senator Bob Jauch of Poplar last August, but did not contribute any money to Jauch’s campaign or to Jauch’s challenger Republican Dane Deutsch.

Telephone calls to Gogebic Mining and Cline representatives were not immediately returned.