GTAC Mine and Scott Walker Finally Produce Some Jobs ... for Out of State Mercenaries 07.08.13

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By Eric Nelson

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Over the 4th of July weekend some disturbing photos began appearing in the remote Northwoods of Wisconsin in Iron and Ashland counties. Men in para-military garb carrying what appeared to be military grade automatic assault weapons began patrolling the woods.

It has now been pretty much confirmed that the first jobs to result from the proposed Gogebic Taconite (GTAC) iron ore mine in Northern Wisconsin are going to the Scottsdale Arizona firm, Bulletproof Securities ( This military contractor and private security firm has generally been tasked with dealing with Mexican drug cartels on the southwest border (video). Now apparently they have been hired by Chris Cline and his subsidiary, Gogebic Taconite to protect their test drilling site from Wisconsin hikers, fishermen, and recreational hunters.

Over the weekend, photos of personnel in the area of the GTAC mining site in the Penokee Hills of Wisconsin were taken and these photos match the baseball cap logos of the owner from the Arizona news video link posted above. The insignia patches below the US flag patch also match those of Bulletproof Securities contractors. Initially the US flag patch caused speculation that Scott Walker had potentially deployed National Guard troops to Northern Wisconsin. This does appear to be the case and these guards are from the private security contractor Bulletproof Securities. Another still shot photo (Figure 2) was taken from a video shot this weekend by Paul DeMain, a Lac Courte Oreilles tribal member and  Editorial Director of Indian Country TV. This still shot photo shows a license plate "BPS 9" which doesn't take alot of extrapolation to figure out that this is an abbreviation for their company "Bulletproof Securities".

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It is comforting to know that Scott Walker's new economic plan is already starting to take off with the hiring of military trained guards with automatic assault rifles patrolling the scenic woods of the Penokee Hills. And all of this is occurring on public trust land. Let's hope these Arizona transplants are used to the deep woods humidity and mosquitoes and someone doesn't accidentally fire off a round when they get the 100th mosquito bite.