“ I agree with Governor Scott Walker’s stance on ......... mining."

State Representative Rob Swearingen

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REP. SWEARINGEN: REMARKS ON STATE OF THE STATE ADDRESS Madison – State Representative Rob Swearingen (R-Rhinelander) issued the following statement after Governor Walker’s State of the State address Tuesday night:

“As a freshman legislator, it was quite an honor to be asked to escort Governor Scott Walker into the Assembly Chambers for the State of the State Address,” said Rep. Swearingen.

“Governor Scott Walker’s efforts to attract more jobs and industry to our state will have a positive impact on jobs and the economy in the Northwoods. Jobs and the economy will be our main focus this session, as we work to move Wisconsin forward,” said Rep. Swearingen.

Rep. Swearingen stated, “ I agree with Governor Scott Walker’s stance on responsible and environmentally safe mining. Personally I believe if Michigan and Minnesota can mine safely, so can Wisconsin.”

In addition, Rep. Swearingen commented, “Responsible budgeting has allowed our state and local governments to save over $2 billion and has provided tax relief for taxpayers.”

“I believe in Governor Scott Walker’s vision for the state of Wisconsin, he is responsibly serving our residents and moving us forward by being fiscally responsible,” said Rep. Swearingen.