LaBarre Favors Ashland, Iron County Mining Project


Shirl LaBarre, Republican candidate for the 74th Assembly District, announced today that she is supporting the proposed open pit taconite mine in an area bordering Iron and Ashland counties.

In a news release, LaBarre said the project would bring jobs to the region for up to 100 years.

“Gogebic Taconite, LLC, the owner of the mineral rights to the area, has projected that their industry will employ 750 to 900 new workers at start-up and sustained employment of over 1000 workers," LaBarre said in the release. "At a time of record unemployment and a stagnant economy, the possibility of a new industry with new jobs to the Northland could not come at a more crucial time."

According to the release, the mine would stretch for 22 miles between Upson and Mellen.

LaBarre stated that jobs associated with the mine would not be out sourceable.

"I expect supporting industries, including at least two years of construction, will come to the area and provide more jobs to the families here,” LaBarre says in the release.

Dennis DeRosso, Iron County board chairman and Iron County administrative coordinator is quoted in the LaBarre release, as well.

“When the mine comes back to the area, it will definitely bring life back to this whole area, and we are ready to work together to make it happen,” DeRosso is quoted as saying.

LaBarre states that the mine is "ecologically-safe."

"I have confidence that Gogebic Taconite, LLC, will be responsible stewards of the natural wildlife and local environment," LaBarre says in the release. "I welcome Gogebic Taconite, LLC to the Northland community and, if elected, will support and facilitate the permitting process at the state level to begin mining operations in our region as soon as possible."

original article available at Ashland Current