LCO Board and Iron County Officials Meet to Discuss Permit for LCO Harvest Camp 08.13.13

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Hurley, WI ( - Representatives from Iron County Board and Forestry Departments met with Lac Courte Oreilles tribal board members to discuss the terms of the LCO Harvest Camp located in the Penokee Hills near Mellen Wisconsin.

On Tuesday, officials from Iron County and the LCO tribe came together to discuss a special permit that would allow the Harvest Camp to continue to occupy the site.

                                                                                                                      On July 30 the Iron County Forestry Committee recommended the Iron County Board take action against the LCO Harvest camp for violating state and county ordinances.The ordinance indicates a person cannot be camped on Iron County forest crop for more than 14 days.Officials say the meeting today was very productive."We had to go back and ask for the large group gathering permit, which they applied for and now we are ironing out the high spots on there to get through it," said Joe Pinardi, Iron County Board Chair."We are looking at the initial action by the county board, the forestry board, which was for a year. We are looking at a year with an option to renew," said Tribal Chairmen Mic Isham.

Officials say they hope to bring a proposal to the Iron County Board by the end of the month.

Posted to the web by Kati Anderson.