Marsh Madness and the Brothers Fitzgerald

The politicians Fitzgerald, Jeff (Cream Puff) and Scott (Baby Cakes)have demonstrated their concerns for tax relief, the need for jobs, and economic development. Their inspired efforts to promote development and jobs are well known. In their exuberance to achieve these goals they are supporting efforts to rewrite Wisconsin’s mining laws, which if successful could be devastating. Redirecting their misguided albeit well-intentioned efforts may be difficult. However, if they realize the opportunity to put Wisconsin back to work is close by they may opt to act locally and let the North alone.

            Change the regulations preventing development in the Horicon Marsh. Drain the marsh and developers will flock to the area. The rich soil will produce abundant food. Jobs will be created, and those pesky geese will sent on their merry way. Support should pour forth from the Governor, WMC, and others who want “Jobs for Generations”. This may even be more profitable than a strip mine in Wisconsin’s Northern Ashland and Iron Counties.

            The timing is excellent. The current Governor has stated “Wisconsin is Open for Business” or as it seems to play out “Wisconsin is For Sale”.

            The Horicon Marsh is a special place. So is the “Everglades of the North” - the Bad River Watershed. This watershed is home to the Bad River Band of Lake Superior Ojibwe, the Kakagon Sloughs, one of the largest natural wild rice beds in North America. Pristine lakes, trout streams, waterfalls, and the famous Bad River surround the Penokee Hills, the site of the proposed open-pit iron ore mine.  Suggesting a change in the law to destroy the marsh is ridiculous – attempting to destroy the laws protecting our water, air, and rights is outrageous! Tell the brothers Fitzgerald to vote no to any changes in Wisconsin’s mining laws.