Gertrude McGuire 

Getrude’s story unfolding… Contributed by ______


When JM was born in Missouri his father was 28 years old and his mother was 24.  His brother Thomas “Tim” McGuire was born in 1917 and his sister Maxine McGuire in 1920, both in Casper, Wyoming.  TP attended high school only for two years, not at all unusual in those days.  His high schooling could have taken place in SD or possibly in SP after they returned to Wisconsin.

After JM was born in 1913, his family headed west to Casper, WY c. 1915 and were accompanied by Gertrude’s mother Lizzy, brother and his wife and child.  Her brother Gilbert died in 1914, the same year as his father G.B.  Or did he?  He is shown in the 1917-18 draft register as living in Natrona County, WY (Castlewood) and being single.  Both are buried In St. Stephen's Catholic Cemetery in Indian Creek, Monroe County Missouri.   The other brother was Gerald but we have no further information about him or a wife or child.  Elizabeth Johanna also is shown to have died in Indian Creek and buried in St. Stephen's Cemetery in 1898 so there is a discrepancy here.  The 1910 census lists her as very much alive.  On-line cemetery records do not confirm either burial.