Michigan's UP (Yooper County) Web Resources

This guide to the Michigan's Upper Peninsula provides links to  our friends and our neighbors, who also are working with compassion, vigor, and dedication to protect the regions' waters resources. We are all in this together, we all drink the water, and we are all Yoopers in one way or another. Use these links to explore how we work together regionally to protect the water, the land, and the air. These gifts are more than just resources, they are the true wealth that belongs to our children and all those who follow. Support for the 7th Generation Amendment and a policy of Zero Discharge may one day become realities and protect these gifts from the short term economic gain. 


Orvana hearing Part One 07.06.12

Orvano Hearing Part Two  07.10.12

Review of Ovana's First Hearing 03.12.2012

Save the Wild UP (SWUP)

Kennecot Eagle Mine will produce AMD (Acid Mine Drainage) = Sulpheric Acid in the rivers and Lake Superior

KBIC (Keweenwa  Bay Indian Community) Mining Outreach and Education 


Front 40 Protecting the Menominee River

Stand for the Land