07.11.14 Request to Protect Penokee Turtles 

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To:  Rowe, Stacy A - DNR <Stacy.Rowe@wisconsin.gov>  cc: lawrence.lynch@wisconsin.gov, cathy.stepp@wisconsin.gov,

Good morning Stacy,

Once again thank you for your responses to my questions. Clarification is needed regarding the 600 foot forbidden zone established by the legislature and GTac lobbyists and lawyers. It seems that you are suggesting that DNR cannot enter the 600-foot forbidden zone without permission from GTac. This of course could well be devastating to the Wood Turtles and their nesting areas this summer. I have included a cc: to Larry and Cathy due to what I understood Larry to mention last night at the Morse Mining Impact Committee in Mellen WI. I left with the impression that DNR can enter the 600-foot forbidden zone without GTac’s permission. If my understanding is correct, then it seems that you could also enter this area to assess and protect the Wood turtles and their nests. Hopefully this is the case and plans are being made to monitor the Wood turtles this summer and especially as the young emerge and will be in harms way from the activities of GTac in the Penokees.

Also you have received photographs of Wood turtles laying eggs along Moore Park Road. These sites, chosen by the Wood turtles, will need protection from the Gtac activities. What steps can your office take to protect these sites until the young have hatched and are on their way to the water? These sites are not within the 6oo foot forbidden zone. Seems that it would be prudent and affirm to GTac and the public that conservation and resource protection are still goals that Wisconsin DNR hold near and dear.

Should you need help or volunteers to assist your office with a Wood turtle protection initiative, the Penokee Hills Education Project members will certainly try to find knowledgeable volunteers partner with DNR.