For the WATER, turtles and all other living beings the only option Repeal and Restore  -  amending is a fool’s compromise 07.01.14

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The list of reasons for why repeal and restore present the only option to preserve and protect opportunities is short. 

#1. This bill is a disaster written by West Virginia lawyers for investors and speculators…….... 

#2. Money flows relentlessly into the Wisconsin’s Political quagmire. The gate keepers of this foul turn of events are amongst the wealthiest - NIcw work Scottie …..

#3. Any politician who embraces “responsible mining” is ducking the question and will quckly succumb to the ‘Well, uhmm, it is following the laws …… See reason #1

#4. And then the really misquided who think they have the moxies to get elected and then amend the bill…. see reasons #1thru 4

#5.  Simple solution REPEAL the bill and RESTORE Wisconsin’s Progressive Conservation Heritage. To do any less supports the current business model….. promoted by GTac Execive J. Matthew Fifield that inlcudes genocide as just another economic development plan. 

The notion that once elected anyone could possibly amend this disaster does not realize our unique and very fragile water filled ecosystem. - The coasts of our very own “inland sea”  - a region representing soverigen Nations: Canada, the Ojibwe, and First Nation governments are threatened.  Add to this municipal governments, townships, and counties each with their own responsibilities to protect the environment, preserve clean water, and strive to minimize particulates in the air we breathe are being threatened by the Wisconsin legislature attempts to strip local government of their powers protect local communitties.