Nice picture, Bob however....... Have Cullen and Jauch Caved in to GTac's mine?

In spite of the rhetoric displayed at the recent Senate Mining Hearings, Senators Jauch and Cullen appear to have found the reason or reasons they need to move forward on their agenda to dismantle Wisconsin’s mining laws. They have opted to bow to the whims of the industry and the testimony from Wisconsin Mining Association operatives and Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce.

Now even the Democrats are prepared to rewrite our laws to accommodate the “red herring” of timelines. This whole time line discussion is just a door opener for new laws which will be written by the industry, promoted by the lobbyists, and supported by Walker’s talking heads in the DNR and any other agency he also chooses to discredit. The result will be chaotic and the legacy left behind would be an open sore in the Northwoods. Bob has publically stated he trusts Tim Sullivan, who is working with the Walker Administration and a Wisconsin Mining Association operative, and Tim Cullen wants to provide GTac with a “time line”. Now the back room bartering and dealin’, the time for the loopholes, waivers, and variances to be built in and the toughest standards tossed out has been unleashed. 

The Wisconsin Mining Association is demanding Wisconsin’s mining laws be rewritten to accommodate the chaotic and industry driven standards found in Minnesota and Michigan. And now, their next agenda will be to basically “gut” the contested case hearing process. 

Rewarding those who have stood before us and refused to answer questions, met our honest concerns with smirks, and having depicted this whole GTac project as “digging a simple ditch” is outrageous. Providing pictures that capture the beauty, power, and the majesty of the Penokees is simply not enough to protect this region from GTac and their open pit taconite mine as well as manufacturing facilities. We need strong willed politicians who will stand for the land, stand for the water, and respect those who will follow us by protecting these resources which belong to them and provide the real deal, not a picture book! 

Wasting water and destroying thousands of years of nature’s handiwork has been allowed in Minnesota and Michigan – Now the “suits” want to do the same in Northern Wisconsin. Bob and Tim need to get the message! Simply No Mine – Water is too precious to waste one drop!