Tiffany acting like an Ayatollah 12.14.12

Posted on FB page Defend Wisconsin's News Round Up 12.14.12
Did you all see Bob Jauch's status this morning? He's alerting us that Tiffany plans to begin with AB426, as amended by JFC, and currently is not planning a public hearing in the north. It's time to begin to contact the members of that committee and fight for a public hearing and to (again) highlight the deep flaws in AB426.

Jauch: "During a recent meeting in Iron County the incoming Chair of the Senate Mining Committee, Tom Tiffany stated that the Legislature would start with AB426 (as amended by Finance) and "tweak the Legislation". Furthermore he said that there would be NO public hearings on the issue. I know he is new to the Senate but he is acting more like the Ayatollah than a public official. If they have the votes to do what they want (and I doubt they do in the Senate) than at least they should pretend to care what the citizens say. the public should insist on a public hearing and it should be in the north where citizens of both sides hold such strong views".