Tommy Mouths off in Merrill 02.26.13

Tom Tiffany's voice for the new Republican Party was heard loud and clear in Merrill on February 13 at the "Pints and Politics" event held at the 3's Company Bar and Restaurant.

His Republican Party supports:

Hydraulic fracturing because this process has “liberated” natural gas.  This is providing cheap natural gas for our homes. (This also represents support for the frac sand mining that is the cause of major concern in Western Wisconsin.) This affordable energy will make us the industrial leaders of the world and create jobs and developing a strong middle class and is providing cheap natural gas for our homes.

Developing a permitting process that will get back our industrial activity and this means getting our minerals, natural gas and oil resources and using natural resources to maintain our standard of living. (A permitting process written by the industry.)

Using the choice we are given to use our natural resources for our prosperity and as in Australia and China.

Support for frac sand mining, gas exploration and oil exploration and the importance to the Republican Party, national security, job security, eco-security (not certain what this means), and economic security and job development.

SB1/AB1 because the North Star Economic study told us the mine is a good deal – It will provide money, jobs, an economic boom, and the mine is good for tourism. 

In addition, the Republican new mining legislation will not allow for excessive sulfides to enter the water table or any significant environmental degradation. 

When questioned about the treaties and the Ojibwe governments, he explained that he is confident the State of Wisconsin will ultimately be in charge of our resources and believes the State will be in charge. 

When asked about the Treatment of State status of the Ojibwa Governments, he did explain that it is difficult to determine what a judge may rule, however, the Republicans are confident they will prevail. He explained that the Bad River Clean Water regulations are regulations that “even God could not meet”.

Republicans, hunting and fishing groups are excited about the reclamation process.  Republicans are enthusiastic the promise of hiking trails, 1000 foot shooting ranges, lakes, housing, expanded hunting opportunities, camping, and the jobs for generations that will be left behind. 

In closing, the Republicans recognize now is the time to use our resources to maintain our prosperity and we can do this by mining and protecting our resources. We have the knowledge and know how and the technology to move forward is the Republican message to the people in Wisconsin. 

Amazing logic that begs the question, Do we have the wisdom to slow down and say no to a process that allows a company to say trust us. A good question for Republicans as the future of their party will depend on trusting out of state corporations to make the decisions for Republican leadership.

Tomorrow you will vote and it will be your children and grandchildren who will live with the choice you make – the results will be around for hundreds and hundreds of years.