Recently the Assembly Natural Resources Committee and the Senate Environment Committee held a joint hearing to receive public testimony on a Special Session Bill AB/SB 24. This bill has been characterized as a POLLUTERS OVER PEOPLE BILL. The chairs of these committees, Representative Mursau and Senator Kedzie are attempting to change the long held tradition of protecting our Wisconsin's water resources. SB/AB Special Session Bill 24 is a thinly disguised legislation that will pave the way for corporations that need to pollute for economic gain to be given the loopholes, waivers, or variances they need to earn maximum profits. Loud and clear voices talk jobs, local tax relief, investment, and a windfall of tax dollars pouring into the state's coffers. Lobbyists and their corporate supporters have successfully convinced their friends on the very committees the public has entrusted to protect our resources to overlook issue of water protection.  These links offer more insight to the chaos that rules in Madison.

Read Bill SB24 that Governor Walker, Rep, Jeff Mursau, and Senator Neal Kedzie are promoting and proudly only offering the public one change to testify against, offer alternatives, or share their concerns about this POLLUTERS OVER PEOPLE BILL!

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Clean Wisconsin explains the changes in this Bill

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Former DNR officials say proposed permitting changes would violate state constitution (Wisconsin State Journal 11/01/11

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