Protect the Beings!! (Under construction)

Sporting events and time out of doors should be peaceful and tranquil for all who rely on the quiet gifts that Nature offers. Some find their spiritual connections to all that is good - others seek the solace of quiet times beside a brook, lake, or steam. The waters speak softly, as do the whispers from the tall majestic pines. The plant beings provide medicines, colors, and food, as do the animals of the forest. These beings need to be honored and respected as they fulfill Creations plan. Hunting and gathering have long been the staples of society. Subsistent gathering, hunting, and fishing have nurtured societies for thousands and thousands of years. 

Subsistent use of nature’s abundance should not be confused with the sport side of hunting and fishing. Subsistent equates food on the table and a way of life that is framed by protecting resources and making certain the balance of creation is intact and respected. Sport hunting has become big business and generates thousands and thousands of dollars to pay for lobbyists and provides funding for the same agencies charged with protecting the resources. money to create an economy.  It is no secret that running afoul of the bear hunters and their lobby has politicians under control. Under the guise of bear management or just political cowardice, dogs are allowed to run through the big woods chasing bear. The training season comes first and then the bear season with the mutts. Government sanctioned animal abuse. The big woods and national forest campgrounds become the haven for the modern day mountain men. Campers, generators, coolers, and lights fill evenings. Bear dogs riding on the hoods of monster pick-ups stand vigil waiting for the scent of bear – Then the yelping and chase begins. Out come the antennas, two-way radios and pickups line the back roads tracking the dogs via radio-controlled collars and their quarry. Now we will add the wolf hunters. More mutts, more noise, and more modern day mountain who will be frustrated by those of us who will not allow them or their mutts free access to the backyards in the woods where the bear and the wolf live. More conflict, more problems for law enforcement and more terrified creatures running and trying to hide from wild-eyed mutts hot their trail. WE can only marvel at the depths to which our political leadership will sink to ensure votes – and at the same time make our woods become the mecca for the modern day mountain men. Even fish and waterfowl (especially loons) are threatened by the lead baits and the inability of state legislators to "get the lead out"!

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