..the dirty deed dems have dimmed the bright light of freedom…

No Easements mandated by SB 386 and its evil twin AB 426

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These are the peeps that apparently have set the agenda for their party. Shock and dismay that the democratic party has not chastised these three and Senator Bewley their support. What is done is done and needs to be undone quickly. At the very least the exception is to withdraw support and/or urge Governor Evers to veto the bill if this challenge to our freedoms. This will allow the dirty deed dems the opportunity to make amends and we all move on the pipelines. Also this will let the democratic party the governor is in charge. The bottom line we need to hear our representatives clearly state opposition to the bill. Penalties and fines are way out of whack. Read the article, review the bill and contact your friends and family who live in these districts to ask each to reconsider their support. Janet’s support for this came as a shock. Needless to say she has lost the support or some of her most ardent fans.