Sacrifice yes! Forfeit rights Never! Negotiate always!

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has decided that the way to fix Wisconsin’s budget problems is to eliminate worker’s rights. Granted the Governor has the authority to push his agenda and policies. Unfortunately he has determined eliminating hard earned rights forever is the only solution to the budget problem.

One of Wisconsin’s long held beliefs has been the freedom to openly negotiate and discuss our concerns. This Governor has forgotten that the tyranny of the majority is not sustainable and it is not acceptable; especially in diminishing rights of a society. These include civil rights, voting rights, privacy rights, the right to a public education, the right to organize, the right to a speedy trial and yes, the rights to negotiate and bargain are included. The Governor underestimated the passion for these rights. This passion has now become evident across the nation and the support pouring fourth helps us stand strong as we honor those who struggles benefitted our families, friends, and neighbors.

These rights were earned through historical struggles. Rights paid for with bloodshed, torture, and personal sacrifice. These rights are not to be lost – never! This is not to say sacrifice is not necessary. Sacrifice yes, loose rights never! This is not to say that there may be times when some rights may need to be reconsidered for the public good, but this must always happen through a process of negotiation.

Rights are not to be trivialized or flippantly discarded as merely part of a fiscal budget adjustment.  This is where Governor Walker steps up as a political Neanderthal as he refuses to recognize and honor the rights that help define modern civilization. Rights are legal, social and ethical principles of freedom. Sacrifice yes! Loose rights never! Negotiate always!

Frank K, Koehn