SWE responds to Jauch's recent ((09.09.12) Email

Over the past months Bob Jauch has praised, lauded, and expressed his trust for just about everyone who comes in contact with any of his pet project - "responsible mining laws". He ignores science, reality, facts, and just keeps pushing forward for more hearing, more meetings, and more dialogue. Neal Kedzie, Tim Sullivan, Scott Walker, come to mind instantly and now Senator Tim Cullen is the current recipient of bob's long and lavish epilogs. What is missing is the same intensity and depth of passion for the Penokees, the Water, Lake Superior and all the living beings that use this incredible ecosystem. 

Hopefully the upcoming hearings will be Bob's forum for strengthening, not weakening our water protection laws, hopefully Bob will define himself as a true leader who understand that we have the technology and knowledge to do just about anything - we just don't have the common sense to no. 

WE believe Senator Bob Jauch has the capacity to speak out and defend the homeland of the Bad River Ojibwe Nation, to thwart those who want to destroy thousands of years of nature's natural systems and to preserve and protect the water.  We know he has the capacity - does he have the strength?

This question will be answered starting at tomorrow’s hearing.