Tell the Rich Monarchs you don't want their money .

National and World Agenda-

Legislators Unite ! Tell the Rich Monarchs you don't want their money . Tell them you want to serve all the people. Tell them they will be safer in a sane world where all people have equality in every aspect of society. And tell the wealthy that our society can be and must be sane in order to survive. And most importantly, lust after extreme wealth is a bonafide illness that we must now recognize. Time to dare to awaken and use your heart to pull your mind out of the gilded closet! Lust after money/wealth ruins society and our environment at all levels. We have to end this obsession and reestablish our society as a living breathing human body/community.

The time is getting late and it's time to rip the obsessive facade/mask off and realize we are all One race of beings who at heart cares about each individual in the same way our bodies care for every cell in our bodies. Time to dare to begin to love our whole world as we love ourselves!

This is all obvious, open loving and caring, but in the beginning of this transition there will be extremists to deal with, and we will make mistakes, and correct them, and we will never have a perfect society(no one would agree on what a perfect society is,) But we could do a heck of a lot better! I dare you again to imagine our society much closer to perfect, where rich and poor unite behind our wonderful human imagination and suffering and mental illness are at a minimum.

Rich, poor, legislators unite in a heartfelt society!

with great Love to you all,

Mark Otzelberger