Yesterday, in the Penokee Hills outside Mellen Wi, strangers showed up with instruments of destruction, piercing the earth with metal drills capable of going over a thousand feet deep. They claim to be looking for iron ore, but are sure to find sulfides and expose them to air and water, creating a biological weapon calculated to poison the indigenous population downstream by releasing weaponized chemicals into a wide reaching aquifer. These outside agitators are said to be political operatives working in collusion with freshly wealthy Wisconsin Republicans, including a decoy sent to Copper Falls to distract attention away from the terrorists.

Spokesmen for the terrorist cell say this is only the beginning, that these first actions will be followed by bombers using the same sort of weapon (a combination of nitrate fertilizer and diesel fuel) that was employed to destructive effect at Oklahoma City. They will use these weapons to vaporize a 22 mile long ridge, leaving a 1000 foot deep gash, bleeding acid, mercury, lead, etc. into the air and water, into the citizens, their children, and area wildlife. Rumor has it that the gold inadvertently found in that hole will allow the mastermind of the cell, a shadowy figure like the one recently unearthed in Pakistan, to buy a bigger yacht than Tiger Woods can ever hope to attain, ending any sort of perceived competition.

A small group of dedicated patriots stand in their way, educating an unsuspecting public about the wealth that abounds in nature and the need to protect that wealth. The propaganda arm of the terror cell tells the public that these peaceful patriots are the real threat, sending heavily armed operatives to intimidate them into submission. 

Wisconsin tribes, understanding the wealth of nature and the sacred history of the hills, the treasure trove of animals and medicinal plants found there, stand with the patriots and America as they have stood for America since before it was even called America. These first nation peoples represent the heart and soul of the peaceful opposition to the destruction threatened by the terrorists, the threat to their sovereign

nations. With prayers, songs, and education, they hope to protect the children of the region for the next seven generations. That is their way.