GTac-tics  Money, Influence, is this Corruption or just another business model?

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and introducing: Mr. Bob Seitz and Arrowhead Startegies. These arrow dudes promise lots to their clients: "our target is 132 Wisconsin legislators and the Governor, not the entire population of Wisconsin. As a result, we deliver much more with much less.”

Duane Lahti - Retired Water Quality Specialist -"You could not find a more unsuitable area for a mine"

The Real Truth about Iron Mining Legislation:

Koch Industries in Wisconsin

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Posted April 5, 2014


04.03.14 New board members may challenge Wisconsin mine

04.03.14 Five backed by Koch brothers group win seats, 4 lose in county split by plan for huge min

Posted March 31, 2014

03.30.2014 The hypocrisy and greed of Terrible Tom TiffanyThanks to conservationists, Terrible Tom Tiffany had a business for the past 20 years on the Willow Flowage and the Wisconsin River. (Reposted Aug 14.)

03.29.14 NY Times Piece Tells The World About Walker, Iron Mine Calamity There has not been a better story written in mainstream media about the mine.

03.26.14 WHY THE SHERIFF IS NOT REMOVING THE HARVEST CAMP PARTICIPANTS IN IRON COUNTY  The Stellareport Blog Keeping and eye on Right… and the Wrong. 

03.24.14. Koch brothers’ money is making its way to hyperlocal races

03.24.14. How Did Wisconsin Become the Most Politically Divisive Place in America?

Posted March 26, 2014

03.25.14 Americans for Prosperity throws its weight into Kenosha Unified School Board race

03.23.14 Koch brothers-backed group enters Iron County races over mine

03.21.14 A More Serious Look at the Entry of Americans for Prosperity into Iron County Politics  (Woodsperson Blog)

03.21.14. Conservative group attacks candidates over mine    Miami Herald

03.21.14 Koch-founded group attacks Wisconsin candidates over mine

03.20.14 Northern Wisconsin: Koch brothers group pushes mine issue in county election

03.20.14 Koch brothers group pushes mine issue in Iron County election

03.03 14 New frac sand bill still divides Mining companies, towns clash at seven-hour Capitol hearing over measure affecting regulation of existing mines

02.27.14 Deja vu: Questionable campaign money again causing problems in Illinois

02.25.14 Douglas County Dem chief under investigation over campaign funds 

02.21.14 Bill Williams May Go To Court For Alleged Role In Contaminating Aquifer In Seville

02.21.14 Spanish prosecutor asks five-year prison term for GTAC’s Williams

01.22.14 Walker’s "State of the State" Will Make the Koch Brothers Smile

02.08.14 Illinois Mine Safety Head Took Thousands in Campaign Contributions from Coal Baron Chris Cline

01.01.14 Koch-backed political coalition, designed to shield donors, raised $400 million in 2012

12.31.13  Ecologists in Action to Bill Williams: “You are a liar”

12.14.13 Mining executives wanted on Sevilla environmental damage charges

12.14.13 Spain’s Damning Evidence on Bill Williams’ Complicity in Crimes Against Environment

12.02.13 Letter to Spain: An introduction to GTac’s proposed Penokee Hills iron mine

11.30.13 Bill Williams’ Spanish Mistake Is Wisconsin’s Nightmare

11.30.13 Mining Company Executive Plays Down Investigation

11.29.13 Spanish Trial Of GTAC Bill Williams All But Certain

11.29.13 Mine company president downplays investigation

11.28.13 "Not my first rodeo" Bill Williams" Watch Wisconsin Eye's interview with GTac's spokesperson

11.28.13 Gogebic Mining Co. Exec. In Water Pollution Dispute

11.27.13 Gogebic president implicated in Spanish legal proceeding

11.27.13 GTAC President may stand trial for environmental offenses in Spain

11.27.13 WANTED: GTAC President Bill Williams for Environmental Crimes in Spain

11.25.13 The Court confirmed the processing of three executives of Cobre Las Cruces

11.26.13 Breaking: Is Bill Williams a wanted man?

11.26.13 Bill Williams of GTac to stand trial in Spain for "Crimes Against the Environment"

02.21.13 Wis. corruption so obvious it's blinding

02.24.12 Koch Brother Admits Buying Wisconsin Governor

12.02.12 GTac  Executive Bob Seitz said the key is to pass a mining bill and address concerns of the tribe later.

08 26.09 Timmy Myers and Illinois EPA violations (posted 02.23.14)