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Assembly Bill 426 (AB426) was written by mining company lobbyists and lawyers last year (2012). Assembly Bill 1 (AB1) and Senate Bill 1 (SB1) are essentially the same legislation. AB1 and SB1 have been introduced together by a joint committee made up of senators and assembly folk.  Mary Williams from the Assembly side and Tom Tiffany from the Senate side claim they are the authors of these bills, both are thinly disguised clones of AB426. Williams, Tiffany, Governor Walker, and a host of other rascals, most of them card carrying Republicans and Tea Bagger ideologues know that lobbyists and the lawyers need AB426 passed and have no vested interest in the names - AB1/SB1 or AB426 will provide the loopholes, waivers, variances, and exceptions that will be needed if Chris Cline and Foresight Energy (GTac) are successful in their attempt to take over Wisconsin government. 

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