The wit and wisdom from Chris Cline Central --- GTac Executive Bobby Seitz.

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Government Accountability Board RE: Bob Seitz

Jason Huberty and Introducing Bobby “BS” Seitz and Walker's "monkey business"

Bob Seitz is our friend. Seitz, an executive consultant affiliated with Gogebic Taconite, has been a true spokesperson for GTac's executives. Indeed, this dual role as an executive and a lobbyist must test the resolve of the very best. This is a position requiring: poise, presence, a firm grasp of the issues, a quick wit, and charm all at the same time. Bob, BS, as he is affectionately known in the Face Book world, is the man for this job. Our fear is that his hard work and talented public skills will be rewarded as he most certainly will be tapped for more challenging and important positions. His extensive background in government  and his inside look at the behind the closed doors hanky-panky make him a valuable asset. His experience has taken him to the extremes of political world - his experience goes from bullets to bunnies and gays to guns.

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01.07.15 Ojibwe conference will explore alternatives to proposed iron ore mine

12.17.14 Extent of protection provided outside the exterior boundaries of Iron County. More from Chris Jaekels Video

12.16.14 Community Forum Chris Jaekels and his profound “mark my words” statement. Video

09.09.14 GTAC Finds More Wetlands Than It Initially Expected In Penokees

09.05.14 GTAC may build mine sans Ashland County

09.04.14 GTAC Finds More Wetlands Than It Initially Expected In Penokees

09.04.14 GTac May Limit Iron Mine to one WI County

08.22.14 Walker wanted funds funneled to Wisconsin Club for Growth ($700.000from GTac)

06.05.14 Mining conversation: GTAC spokesman sits down with Wisconsin Reporter

05.2.14 Seitz Comments to Maclver cohorts re: Tribes and EPA  (Seitz, is this wanker’s treaty expert?)

03.22.14 Gtac in Iron Belt, taconite and red ore, red will leach out, covering with top soil VIDEO

03.22.14 Gtac in Iron Belt, hires local people, like Ross Peterson, who sits on the IC Mining Impact Committe VIDEO

03.20.14 Gtac talks water use, make up water, potentially buying water from Mellen for coffee, showers, and other potable uses. VIDEO

03.20.14 Gtac in Iron Belt. Describes fish habitat, hydrology, treating water from the bottom of the pit before discharging, but water flowing out when their done is ok.

03.12.14 Hydrology, monitoring wells, avoiding Federal permits VIDEO

03.12.14 Gtac in Iron Belt, taconite and red ore, red will leach out, covering with top soil VIDEO

01.28.14 Gogebic Taconite and the Penokee Hills: The Battle Rages On

12.17.13 Iron County Attorney Chris Jaeckels is laying out the plan  VIDEO

One-on-One public meetings to discuss the proposed Gogebic Taconite mine 11.19.13

GTac Welcomes Hunters, Anglers, the Disabled, Minorities, LGBT. Kids! Get a free puppy! 11.15.13

Yikes Seitz Words of Wisdom #2 GTac's fiefdom in the Penokee Hills. Feels like the King's forests of old. 11.15.13

Learn about mining without being intimidated. 11.15.13

 RE: Asbsetos "Gogebic Taconite almost certainly will be able to engineer solutions to any problem — possibly simply using water to keep dust down — just like mine companies have done in other states," Seitz said. 11.03.13

Wisconsin geologist at center of Gogebic Taconite mine controversy resigns 10.31.13

Mining Company Tells Tribe to Keep Wetlands Expert Away from site 09.23.13

Open Records Request to Ashland DA re: Attorney Scott Clark’s letter to Bad River Tribal Chair  10.16.13

Letter from Ashland County DA to Scott Clark "no such criminal violation exists" 10.16.13

Page 2 Scott Clark "no such criminal violation exists" 10.16.13

Letter to Bad River Tribal Chair from Attorney Scott Clark representing GTac 08.22.13

Page 2 - Letter to Bad River Tribal Chair from Scott Clark for GTac 08.22.13

Armed guards to share woods with Wisconsin hunters. What could go wrong? 08.20.13

Bob Seitz, speaking for Gogebic Taconite, said the company supported the bill because it would protect the public from injury from explosives used in taking samples from the rock and because it would protect company employees from potential confrontations with environmental protesters 08.11.13

Seitz said the company probably won’t need to take steps to control air emissions during sampling. 10.09.13

Sometimes I Love Bob Seitz or the dog ate my homework 10.08.13

08.26.13 Tribe Planning to Ignore Property Rights?

Mining company tells tribe to keep wetlands expert away from site 08.23.13 

08.22.13 GTAC officials discuss mine plans filed with DNR

08.20.13 GTac Claims Bulletproof Securities Cleansed Iron County Forest Land of “Illegal Camps” 

07.12.13 ON the Phone with GTac Executive Bobby Seitz

07.11.13 Bob Seitz Discusses Armed Guards, Protesters

07.09.13Wisconsin lawmakers ask Gogebic Taconite to remove armed guards 

We think they’re about a day or so away from the applicationing processed by the state and then we'll be able to use them again 06.11.13

05.28.13 April 23, 2013 - Iron County Board members ask GTac staff questions forwarded by their constituents. GTac has no real answers, and Iron County Board members don’t push for any. Video

05.28.13 Gtac in Iron Belt, hires local people, like Ross Peterson, who sits on the IC Mining Impact Committe Video 

05.10.13 GTAC Moves Forward in Mining Process

Open Letter to Mr. Bob Seitz, Arrowhead Strategies 04.23.13

Mine opponents: 'This fight is just getting started' 03.07.13

12.02.12 Seitz said the key is to pass a mining bill and address concerns of the tribe later.

03.06.12 Williams and Seitz - Do these Guys take themselves seriously?

The Trigger aka our own Bob “Affectionally know as BS" Seitz soon to be GTac Executive  03.27.2011 

The ‘Badger Advocates’: Corporate Advocates, Not UW-Madison Advocates 03.08.11

"They pick small fights - mourning doves and cute little bunnies - and chip away at us," 11.02.2000