The way I see it.. Mark Otzelberger  05.28.13


So our future in several years will be a pity, Our beautiful green forested hills will be forever gone for all the future generations, and those future generations will have instead of beautiful green hills of wonderful flora and fauna, deep pits of poisoned water and ugly piles of rejected slag. From wonderland to a permanent dump that will outlive all our future generations. 

Gtac and our state government is pleased and happy to force this blasphemy on us because it means jobs for the mining company for a few years then it's done and like all other mining operations the local area goes into a permanent economic slump, forever calling out over and over for monetary help. 

We have all seen people who do terrible things for money and this is simply another one. If you have trouble understanding this please reread the first paragraph over again. 

Like I've said before the psychiatric arm of our society should recognize this and work for a turnaround from this unequal MONEY based society to a people oriented society. 

Lets all be equal and care for each other like the human body cares for each and every part of itself, Loving and Kind. I'm ready to try it 
It's our natural way of our collective human body. 
No money driven mine ever, theres plenty of all resources if we recycle everything and dare to design our society with Love and Kindness.
Mark Otzelberger