UFP - Another threat from Taconite Mining in the Penokees

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Watch the Video rebroadcast of Dr. Michael Macawley and Bob KIncaid at Northland College  

Listen to Eau Claire Audio of Doc Macawley and Bob Kincaid                                                                                                                                                                     Ask SEAN DUFFY and Tammy Baldwin TO PROTECT US AND OUR CHILDREN with their support in Congress!

 - We can help advance HR 526 through Congress and prevent UFP from infesting our world!

Suggest to Sean and Tammy the only chance we have to protect our Common Property is to support, the people living in West Virginia’s coal country. A place where coal is king and the mums, kids, grandmas and grandpas and dads live in an environment that is a mess. Listen to this rebroadcast of the science explaining the deadly effects of ultra fine particles that result from exploding the Earth's surface by Dr. Mike MaCawley and the plea for help from our friend Bob Kincaid, Coal River Mountain Watch. If the communities of West Virginia are protected, our communities will be next. These communities will stand with us also. The contact information for our legislative delegation to Washington has been included in hopes that many of us will ask our relatives, friends, and neighbors  throughout Wisconsin to help us also.

HR 526, The ACHE Act, is the only current legislation that may protect out air from the ravages of blasting. HR 526, the Appalachian Communities Health Emergency Act or ACHE Act, was written to protect the Appalachian communities from air pollution caused by Ultra Fine Particles. Bob Kincaid and Dr, Mike McCawley were recent guests of the Penokee Hills Education Project. Mike and Bob made presentations at UW-Eau Claire (listen on line), Tap Roots Coffee Shop in Ashland WI, the monthly Pot Luck in Odanah, WI and a final evening at Northland College. Their Northland College Presentation may be viewed on line. 

Please contact SEAN DUFFY to solicit his support for HR 526. He should be smart enough to recognize this is a huge opportunity for him to establish himself as a leader who will take the moral high road and protect our air, water, and soil resources from the invaders from Florida, Wall Street, China, and Madison and Washington. An ominous list of people and places – A world filled with money, power, and politicians. Which is simply a recipe for disaster.   Duffy has this golden opportunity to step up to a leadership role in this age of political confusion that is manifested the “no confidence” attitude for our political leadership. The resulting public policies are hostile to rural communities and the ability for local government to pass legislation to protect the environmental health in our communities.

Bob and Dr. Macawley have asked, Wisconsin for our help. Their communities in West Virginal’s coal country are dying from deadly effects of Ultra Fine Particles (UFP).  UFPs are caused by blasting the Earth and this process creates scars that will be etched forever on our landscape. These scars are not seen in the lungs, UFP impacts on human hearts go unnoticed and communities attend funerals daily as a result, The insatiable greed, quest for power or control is the price paid for by the lives of West Virginia’s rural coal communities

Sean, we need your help to protect our friends in West Virginia. You have this opportunity to protect the air quality in our Northwood’s by supporting West Virginia’s pleas for help! This will be a resounding answer to the questions that are being asked: What happened to the Sean Duffy who a mere two or three years ago was out and about – engaging the public with the exuberance of youth to a poltitician seeking blindly follows the money? Is Sean no longer interested in our small community parades, fish fries, fire department picnics and church socials? Why does Representative Duffy scurry around placating the $5000.00 a plate crowd? Sean, you have this opportunity for redemption – Stand up for your kids, our kids, and all the kids yet to be born. Listen to the stories of Appalachian communities. Hopefully you will have the humanity to support HR 526. The ACHE Act, HR 526 is the only current possibility for our air to be safe from the ravages of blasting and the lust for money from mining developers. HR 526 is the Appalachian Communities Health Emergency Act or ACHE Act written to protect the Appalachian communities from air pollution and Ultra Fine Particle pollution. If West Virginia is protected the rest of us have a chance for the same.

Oh yeah and it is also important Tammy Baldwin and ask her to introduce HR 526 to the Senate. Senator TAMMY BALDWIN!  Guess what, this legislation needs to be introduced in the Senate. Your turn to step up and become a persistent spokesperson for water, clean air, rural community livin’, and a vigorous, vigilant supporter of equal rights – now our children have an opportunity for equal tights to what is Common Property and you are in a position to lead the way. Introduce HR 526 legislation to the US Senate. This is your opportunity to protect the Penokees and the surrounding area communities from Ultra Fine Particles.  We need help. You can provide the leadership that just might begin rebuilding the foundering Democratic Party and this will be a clear statement from you that answers the question you refused to answer on your recent visit to the Northwoods: Are you ambivalent about mining in the Penokees are do you support the destruction of the Penokee Hills? You have this opportunity to "define" your presence in Washington as a true champion of the people, our children, and the common property, air, water, and soil that no government has the right to squander and steal from our future generations!