USACE - Army Corps

The involvement of the United States Army Corps of Engineers and EPA with the Penokee Hills catastrophe proposed by Foresight Energy is inevitable. Given the political chaos caused and supported by the rich and famous laws protecting the woods, water, and wilderness have been were changed, scraped,  from the White House to the local Court House Whatever it takes to defeat anyone speaking for the water, woods, or wilderness. The Rich and Famous Their tool chest includes curbing access to voting via voter ID, purchasing mainstream media, and promoting the likes of the tea bag pukes. One of our foremost backwoods scholar and philosopher said, “We are slowly taxing ourselves to becoming a third word country”. Truth lurks in these words - We truly do need to stop the money that hemorrhages out of our democracy at all levels. We do this by keeping more wealth in the hands of more people, allowing for creative ways to provide home grown energy, food, healthcare, housing, and transportation systems. Our 50-year history of a strong conservation ethic has been trashed. Slowly we are waking up and grasping the power of REPEAL AND RESTORE - Protecting the Water. (What can we do?) For now it is imperative the USACE and EPA hear the sreamin’ in the halls via email, voice mail, card or letter about all the crap pouring Madison. We need you; USACE, and we need you, EPA, to diligently work in the best interest of the people by protecting our water, woods, and wilderness.