08.12.13 Topics Discussed with GTac

Operations                                                                                                               RMG meeting notes

Regulatory                                                                                                 GTAC meeting Aug. 12, 2013

Topics discussed:

1. Overview – Tim Meyers: provided mapping depicting area, 3 mi radius, and phase 1 and 2

2. USACE EIS process – Rebecca Graser (Rebecca) and Doug Bruner (Doug)

a. Overview – basis for requirement, general timeframe (based on MN experience)

b. Mining recommendation powerpoint

i. Additional information to consider complete application (33 CFR 325.1(e))

ii. Project should meet WQ standards at time of application

iii. Two general options for considering when USACE begins process (slide 12)

iv. Joint EIS desirable when state timeframe is waived

3. Entities with tie into USACE process: Rebecca and Doug

a. EPA –  NEPA, 404(q), downstream water quality

b. WDNR –  401 WQC, WEPA, compensatory mitigation, alternatives (agency considerations may be different)

c. Tribal –  ceded territory (11 tribes), water quality, consider Tribal liaison, Corps may develop MOU with participating tribes during application review

d. Recommend project sponsor coordinate in advance with all entities that have a tie-in to USACE process for a given aspect of a proposal 

e. Transparency: USACE will share information under FOIA,  but will share submittals with entities that have a tie-in to USACE process

4. Baseline Studies – DRAFT document (living document)

a. Data requirements vary by project, no cookbook

b. Examples –consider adding  Keetac?

c. Recommend appropriate agency review and buy-in on sponsor recommendations in advance of conducting studies/modeling 

5. Future action/contacts

a. Sponsor initiate contact 

b. USACE lead is Bill Sande, secondary is Rebecca Graser

c. EPA lead for now is Mike Sedlacek (NEPA)

d. WDNR lead is Larry Lynch

e. Consider Tribal meeting, include GLIFWC


1. Attendee list from meeting

2. Handouts provided at meeting, incl. agenda

a. Baseline studies draft (incl. 2 EPA letters)

b. RGL 05-08: EIS’s – Third Party Contracting

c. Pre-Application Recommendations for Mining Applicants ppt

d. Ferrous Mining Information, USACE Regulatory Information

e. NEPA ppt – EPA

f. CWA 404(q) elevation – EPA

g. Wetland Regulatory Authority - EPA