We need your support! Please copy and send this letter to your State Senator 09.27.2012

This is a suggested letter that needs to go to your state senator as soon as possible. Assurances have been made by the Wisconsin Mining Association (WMA), Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC) and Senator Tim Cullen, Chair of the Senate Select Committee on Mining, a new mining bill will be introduced in January of 2013. We have outstanding laws now. WMC, WMA, the Governor's Office, and to many of our elected leaders have taken advantage of a world wide economic down turn, to throw away Wisconsin’s outstanding legacy of conservation. Rather than really discuss meaningful public policy, tax reform, and long-term employment programs, these folks have taken the easy way - sell off our resources and promote the idea Wisconsin is for Sale!

Feel free to add your own thoughts, use this letter for ideas, or make a phone call instead - - Together we can make a difference and protect Lake Superior, the Bad River Watershed, the Penokee Hills, and the Homeland of the Bad River Ojibwe Nation.


Dear Senator:

I am writing to you to let you know I adamantly oppose changes to Wisconsin mining laws. I am concerned that any “compromises” would undermine the ability of agencies to properly review permit applications, reduce the public’s ability to weight in on permit decisions, and eliminate protections for Wisconsin’s fragile water and land resources.

No one argues about the importance of jobs, however, we cannot sacrifice our children’s future for today’s short-term economic need. Wisconsin’s current mining laws protect local communities and safeguard natural resources—most importantly, our clean air and water—which is absolutely essential for long-term economic stability here in Wisconsin. These laws require companies to follow rules that are critical to protecting our natural resources.

These protections are more important now than ever before, as agencies and communities will have to determine whether metallic mineral mines should be allowed to operate within the precious area we call home.

When one considers the risk of metallic mineral mining and all of “what ifs”—what if our watershed gets polluted and is gone for good?—it is apparent that we do not need to change our current mining laws. We cannot afford it, literally.

Please help move the jobs discussion out of mining and into a new vision of sustained economic grow that benefits all, not just a handful of jobs, and the corporations.